Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A week and a day

It’s been a week and day since I started my blog. It has been coming along and so have my plans for starting my own business. I have written a life plan and business plan. I hope to post my first creation soon. What’s more inspirational and motivating are the photos I have started taking around my neighborhood.

I have lived in East Harlem for six years. My community has been in constant redevelopment. Gentrification is a concern for Puerto Rican residents who have lived here for decades who feel their heritage is being challenged by the influx of Mexicans, low, middle income housing residents and market rate developments on every block.

For me, this community has been a window of opportunity. I live in a diverse community on the verge of change. I recognize this has both positive and negative implications. I have become a home owner, something I only dreamed would be possible on the island Manhattan.

In an attempt to capture a community that has been welcoming a wonderful to me, I have started a photo blog to capture this period of transition. Check it out on flickr.

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