Monday, January 15, 2007


While reading UrbanBaby Daily NYC one morning, I came across a new product for kids. Something invented by a mom for moms and or dads and their kids! “Hey! That’s my invention!” I thought to myself. Does that ever happen to you? You see some new invention and you think to yourself, if only I had done that sooner or followed through, or really believed I actually had a good idea…I turned to my partner and gasped, “I had that idea, why didn’t I follow through and make that into my business?” Then I turned on him. “Why didn’t you encourage me to make that into a business of my own? You’re a businessman, tell me what I need to do to make my idea’s into reality…I have to start something, I have to make one of my ideas into a realistic product this year!”

I am not sure if it was out of fear, surprise or if he was just excited to hear me speak. I had been in a funk for about week, very moody and premenstrual. He wanted to be on the safe side so he encouraged me and told me I could do it, I could do anything! I basked in the momentary glory and support. I was enthusiastic and ready to take off. I could not sleep that night, my mind was racing. I hate when that happens, because a racing mind is not good when you are trying sleep, but I was excited. The next day I started to put my thoughts on paper and tried to organize all of the ideas I had since becoming a new mom. I started listing the things I needed to do, I started to read the blogs, something I was never really into, but have come to enjoy immensely, visit the websites, design a website, get a domain, etc. Wow! This was becoming overwhelming and I hadn’t really started anything yet.

One of the things on my list was to start my own blog. Here I am making my first post so I have the momentum to continue moving forward.

While researching ideas for my business I came across some great products, stores, blogs and projects. I thought my blog would be a good place to share my research, experience, thoughts and eventually I hope my very own product.

How could I not point you to the website and product that lived in my imagination for all of two months before it was realized and immortalized on my computer screen that faithful morning my life changed yet again…Check out Petite Vilolette for Food Smocks, what a bright idea!

Read more about their fabulous product in the article below:

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