Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bank Street Bookstore

I finally visited Bank Street Bookstore the other day. I was pleasantly surprised. On the lower level are books, music, DVDs, educational games and toys. Upstairs is pedagogy. It’s a small space, but it was easy to navigate. They did not have a million strollers and kids running around and the books were in great condition. I must have been there during off peak hours. I bought Recien Nacido, Llename de Gracia, No Quiero Dormir and Whose Mommy Is This? If that was not exciting enough, I joined the Baker’s Dozen Book Club…for free. Every 12 children’s books I buy, I earn 10% of the amount spent on those books! Now, if only they had a deal on tuition for the for the Bankstreet School for Children.

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