Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Get this

After the Harlem fire on Saturday my partner suggested I send the photos i took on the scene to Curbed and Gothamist. I did not think anything of it until my partner "papas" called me today and said he saw an article about the fire and wanted to know if I submitted my photos. He mentioned the link for more info on the story points to Harlem Fur and NY1, but not to my blog, of course. The post is called Scenes From A Harlem Fire. I am glad Curbed did post a link to my blog because the comment trail gets pretty nasty! People can write really awful things.

So, what is Harlem Fur? I visited this blog to see what it's all about. I discovered a whole community of Harlem bloggers and loads of information about Harlem.

I loved Harlem Bagel, but she is on hiatus right now, sad to say! I found another Harlem mom whose blog is called Uptown Mom. I had to show her some love and left a comment for her. She has some interesting content so check her out and encourage her to keep on blogging!

Tonight I have added a new section to my blog called Harlem Bloggers and I hope to add to the list!


randomwalk said...

Hey there suzanne. I got your name/blog from your uptown mom comment. Good to see yet another blogging community growing. My family and I are considering moving to the neighborhood (coming from out of state); in particular, moving to one of those new developments on manhattan ave. near 120th. We have one toddler and one newborn. I would very much appreciate knowing your feelings on the safety of the area. We walked the neighborhood during the day a few times and it feels fine but we've never been there at night. Also the crime stats do not look encouraging, particularly when you account for the fact that it is a small precinct in terms of space and people. Is there a way to get more details on the crime (e.g. whether they were random)? Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.

Chris said...

Pistachio- Thank you for the Harlem link! I now have you on my sidebar as well.

I am looking forward to reading your posts.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the posts i was in Boston for the weekend and did not have any time to reply to your comments. I have not gotten any comments before (well just one) so this is a new experience for me. randonwalk: Manhattan Ave is a beautiful area. It is a breathtaking street with beautiful brownstones. Harlem on the west side is so beautiful in general. Moving from out of state to Harlem can be quite daunting. I will have to do some research into that particular area of Harlem before i can give you a piece of my mind. I will say that i am a firm believer that part of feeling safe and really adopting community as your own is by contributing to the community in some way. I am going to look into stats and see what is happening over there on 120th and Manhattan Ave and get back to you in detail ASAP.

Chris: i am honored.