Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Perfect Rocking Chair

When I was pregnant there were about six other people at my job who were expecting as well. We were often talking about strollers and cribs, emailing links for shops, i.e., sparkability, urbanbaby and giggle. I was not big on shopping for baby at the time. I just wanted the basics. My Papas was the one shopping for cribs, bassinets and rocking chairs. I was totally fine with this. I just had to say yea or nay.

One day my partner asked me to check out this rocking chair on my way back from Cake Man Raven (the best red velvet cake in Brooklyn)…So, I stepped into Yu, a brilliant furniture shop in Fort Greene Brooklyn to check out this chair when I bumped into a wonderful woman from work who was expecting as well. She was there with her husband to see the same rocker. It was a low cowhide rocker mid century design, very narrow and sleek. Although I loved the design it was not functional for breastfeeding or rocking a baby. We started discussing how hard it was to find a nice modern rocker with form and function.

After our conversation my search for the ultimate rocking chair became expansive. Some chairs are ridiculously expensive and some of them are not very functional at all. The Collins Rocker is one of my favorites but at $1,300 is a bit too much. The Sleepytime Rocker looks great in the nursery online, but in actuality it is stiff and wabbles forward and back.

I went to giggle to try the Monarch Nursery Chair with lumbar support, it has no arms, you feel like your sitting on a thrown, not nestling to breastfeed. So the next stop was buybuy baby where my reluctant Papas agreed to sit in a Dutalier Glider B.U.G. he calls them for short(Big Ugly Glider). After a few minutes,“…we are going to have to get one of these” he sighed.

Well in the end a good friend gave us their rocking chair and saved us the expense.

I decided to make a cover for my glider and give it an upgrade. I said to Papas, "I think I could sell my covers so other people can bridge the gap between form function and modernity until the perfect affordable rocker comes on the market!"

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Harlem Mama said...

I really need to make new slip covers for my glider chair, a craigslist find that I love. I need fabric...where do you go for fabric in the neighborhood?