Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Step Back

Semana Santa
Marley, Papas and I visited Guatemala during Easter Week (Semana Santa). We visited Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan and Antigua. Antigua Guatemala hosts a religious celebration with huge processions through the town’s cobblestone streets. Hundreds of purple-robed men move slowly through Antigua streets, their feet cushioned by carpets made of sawdust, flowers and other decorative materials used to create mosaics and murals along the routes.
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A Potty for ME
May was the quiet before the storm. Marley turned one. We celebrated her birthday in Boston with family. We started potty training.

Z is for Zoo
Plenty of visitors during the month of June and I went to the Bronx Zoo and Children’s Museum more than I care to recollect.

Sub Prime Blues
July was not so hot.

“The market is not looking so great. Suz, you may have to go back to work sooner than later”


August was even worse...
“Have you sent out your resume yet?”


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